Who are we?

The Palestinian Observatory of Digital Rights Violations (7or) is the first open source online platform to monitor, document and follow up on the digital rights violations of Palestinians. The platform offers a tool to report violations and search through the database of violations. 7amleh - the Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media launched as a continuation of its work on Palestinian digital rights. 7or will be able to fill a gap that has always existed in the work of human rights organizations in general and digital rights organizations specifically, which is the ability to access a practical, detailed and organized database of digital rights violations against Palestinians. This is a pressing need for those who work in human and digital rights organizations that will enable them to improve their advocacy and lobbying of stakeholders.

7or also offers a platform for Palestinians who face a digital rights violation to report their case. The 7amleh team will then escalate and follow up on the reports with social media companies and other relevant parties, given that 7amleh is a trusted partner of many of the largest social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter.

About 7amleh

A non-profit organization that works to advocate Palestinian digital rights in order to achieve a fair, safe and free digital space. The center aims to do so through publishing research studies on digital activism, digital rights and digital safety, training and building the capacity of Palestinian activists and civil society organizations and planning and managing local and international advocacy campaigns.

7amleh’s work focuses on three main aspects:

  • Research and Monitoring: the center works continuously on publishing reports and research studies on digital activism, digital safety and Palestinian digital rights, mainly including the right to access the Internet, the right to equal access to e-commerce, the right to privacy and the freedom of expression and freedom of assembly online.
  • Training: the center works on building the capacity of Palestinian activists, human rights defenders, civil society organizations and popular movements in the fields of launching digital campaigns, digital security, improving their digital presence and combatting gender based violence online in addition to other topics related to digital activism.
  • Advocacy and Campaigns: the center plans and manages advocacy and digital awareness campaigns locally and internationally and works to build local, regional and international coalitions on issues relating to digital policies and digital rights advocacy. Importantly, the center was the first to initiate the building of the Palestinian Digital Rights Coalition (PDRC).


Who can use the platform?

If you are a Palestinian who has been subjected to a digital violation, Hurr offers you a channel of communication with social media companies to follow up on the violation. For example, if you have been subjected to the removal of content that you believe does not violate the standards and terms of use, you can fill out the form for content removal. We will receive your report to start directly following up the problem with the concerned party.

If you are a journalist, human rights defender, or interested in defending digital rights, Hurr provides you with accurate periodic data and reports on the reality of digital rights in Palestine.

How do reports get monitored?

The reports are monitored by the Monitoring and Documentation team at 7amleh, by reading the reports and contacting the social media companies. We will then follow up on the case and provide all needed support to reverse the violation or get a justification for it. We then contact the user who made the report and update them on its status.

Please take in consideration that stopping the violations depends solely on the social media companies’ responsiveness. The companies sometimes don’t respond in the expected timeline and take a late action. However, 7amleh is committed to communicating to companies on the violations only within hours of receiving the reports. 7amleh is also committed to developing the mechanisms of cooperation and communication with companies in the best interest of the social media users.

Who can access my information?

Once you report digital rights violations using the 7or platform, your information will be stored in 7amleh’s database, which we can share with relevant parties to address the issue or with partners to provide support for the case. The information may also be used without indicating any personal information about its original owners for research and advocacy purposes, which are conducted by the center, researchers, students and external research entities according to 7amleh’s Privacy and Data Sharing Policy. You can read our privacy policy here.

Contact us

Address: Derech Allenby 12 Haifa 330950

Tel: +9720774020670

Email: report@7amleh.org